What’s new for February 2016

Well ladies we have finally got a selection of Roar Shoes to compliment all of your Roar Lingerie. Delivering you with Pleaser USA Shoes the highest quality on the market.


Valentines Day February 14th 2016

Are you ready for Valetines day ? Do you intend on dressing up ? If so look no further than the Roar Im A Tiger collection available at Tttkmlondon.co.uk. And as a Valentines Gift to you from us we have Free Valentines Shipping to UK Only.


Roar Im A Tiger Secret Sales 

What is Roar Im A Tiger Secret Sales ?

The secret sales page is on Facebook the link is accessible through tttkmlondon.co.uk. It is a fun place to be with lingerie sales at amazing prices and raffles and give-aways. The aim of the group is to empower women and boost confidence. Commencing From February I will be releasing videos speaking about different Issues that we face as women and how to best combat them. With a group of real women with real things to say , we don’t encourage bitchy behaviour which is what makes the group so special. We look forward to seeing many of you join. There will be a closing date for the group , which means it will return back to it’s secret setting. We look forward to seeing you join have a fab time on your Roar Journey.


Soap Heaven

Indulge in our newest addition to the ttkm family, Soap and bath bomb heaven. Made from the highest quality products with our olive oil based range imported straight from Spain. Whilst the rest is made here in the UK SLS and Paraben free to protect your skin and enhance your natural beauty. Amazing on all skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis. Why not give it a try with soaps as little as £2. Shop Soap and Bath Bomb Heaven.


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Keep your eyes peeled for the March Newsletter !!






Secrets of the night part 3 …

I enter the bathroom look myself dead in the eye and grin so hard when I see his glistening chest reflecting in the mirror. I arched my back so my bum looked sexy and peachy perfect for a good spanking , im staring into the sink I bite my lip as I feel his manhood push up against me. The groan I let out is so high glass could have shattered, the way he felt the way he ran his hands all over me , teased my clit with his fingers. Ecstasy was the only feeling coursing through my veins. With every thrust he went deeper and deeper feeling me , appreciating me and all my wet warmth. I peered into the mirror and his face was that of dead concentration, turning me on even more. He started spanking me and going faster with it, he even pulls my hair just a little. (Fucking love that be rough a bit, but sexy rough not that you wanna have a fight kinda rough, Make it hot!!)

I can tell his trying to contain his self so he stops , turning me around and pulling me on top of the sink. He wastes no time spreading my legs , running his hands over my tits and caressing my nipples, just how I like it!! Fuck !!! He feels so good, my nails dig deep and pull hard and that’s when I feel him get ready to go hard and release. He squeezes my bum hard pulling me into him as far as he could and we both groan at the same time. I grin very hard and climb straight into the shower. He just stands there watching me, almost as if he wanted to see inside of my soul.

I head back into the bedroom and throw something on, my phone starts flashing. It’s Leela my sister , when he comes back into the room he asks who is calling me. I said Leela, he tells me to switch it off for the night, so there are no interruptions as his phone is already off.

When a woman’s mind starts wondering it can be a dangerous thing especially to herself, now im sat here thinking is it fair to inflict that on someone else. The great sex , the fun times is it all really worth it for him ?  Mike is he really worth it…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 4 – So there’s much more to find out about the magical mike, will rihanne , leela and mike still be talking to each other next week??? Will Rihanne and Mike still meet up for special box sessions ?

Find out next week Tuesday



Secrets Of The Night Part 2

When we reached the top of the stairs my heart was in my stomach and my stomach in my throat. The adrenalin that was coursing through my veins was unreal, I ran my fingers down his neck onto that sexy chest. My body started tingling all over, I wanted him was all I  could think. My finger’s kept on travelling until I reached that belt buckle , which I undone with no hesitations. I could feel him harden as I slid my hand inside of his boxers, at the same moment he gripped the back of my neck while I grabbed his dick and stroked it harder making him roar. “Stay there ” he demanded. I sat wide eyed with a beaming grin on my face, he was going to the special box. My special box of goodies I hide in my wardrobe in case of late night emergency’s.(Only For Use With Him) I couldn’t wait to see what he would take out of there.

He throws these on the bed and tells me to strap myself down!! I do believe it’s Playtime.


I’m as quick as I possibly can be and he helps me strap my last arm in, by this point he has no clothes on and his body is glistening in the moon light seeping through my curtain. If a river could run we would be waist deep by now. I look something like this now. n9856-fsog_completely_his_bed_spreader-4

Im completely at his will, he goes to the bottom of the bed and starts kissing in between my thighs gently working his way up closer and closer to my already distressed clit . He works his tongue over it in so many directions my toes could curl back through the bed. His fingers working their way up to my tits as he continues to caress the clitty clat, then he gains this sensational rhythm that makes me wanna scream so loud and cum so hard. He stops abruptly (like wtf who does that? ). He gets up and comes to the top of the bed were he is stroking a mighty hard piece of wood. No words spoken just the push of the tip into my mouth and his roaring again (which obviously makes me very happy). I have no power no control im stuck like this, until he climbs on top and invades the clitty all over again and I handle that wood with all the mouth I can. He spreads my legs open wider all the better to taste me with , I think anyway.

So he stops playing and tells me there was something else he took out of the box. The blindfold , my favourite object in the box. It means a night of adventure and adrenalin which let’s face it we all need sometimes. He unstraps me from the bed and blindfolds me.  His hands on my shoulders slowly weigh me down, so I slide to the floor and kneel. The rule is once the blindfold is on the body becomes ready for the adventure. So my mouth opened and the licking commenced I  ran my hands up and down his legs as I let my tongue do all the work , his fingers pushing into my hair pulling me deeper into him , my hearts racing. I let out some purrs while he roared fiercely letting himself go coming down to his knee’s to face me taking off my blindfold. I wipe my mouth and he kisses me with full force grabbing my ass, he pulls me up so fast I can hardly catch my breath. Kissing me all over, to the bathroom we go……

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 3 – How they met and what they did.

It’s all becoming clear that these 2 are a kinky bunch but is it really as it seems.

Find out next week Tuesday


Curvy Tigers this is for you, we are trying to locate sexy items for you ladies. There will be plenty more on the site at the end of Jan.


Roar Toys 

We are bringing you a range of exciting new toys and we simply can’t wait to share them with you all. So here’s a sneaky preview of what we have coming up. Have you used a Toy before ? If you have or you haven’t we would love to know what you think.


A wide range of roar accessories and outfits coming soon. 

With a wide range of accessories to accompany the toys , pleasure time will be like no other. Is sex really such a bad thing ? Why can’t you and your partner explore each other’s limits.

We will be exploring some of these in a range of short stories which you can find in the sidebar on the main page.




Check out the website for more goodies , simply click the Roar Im A Tiger Section In The Menu. Treasuretrovebykm – Roar Im A Tiger

Secrets of the night PART 1

As the clock struck 12 , my eyes were burning I was tired but not quite ready to sleep. I closed my eyes for a while and let myself drift away. I found myself being woken to a knock on the door. My heart was beating, my vision blurry. WTF is the time , why would someone be at my door at this ridiculous hour. So I get up barely pulling on a gown to cover myself ,  I glance through the peep hole and it was him.

The palpitations in my chest were growing stronger I could have passed out, I wanted to be sick a little but my stomach was having the craziest butterflies my legs were twinging. Then the brain kicked in, get the door woman. So I unlocked the door and just kinda stood there with my head down gown open, glints of bare flesh showing.

There’s no noise,  no hello , no nothing just silence. I can see his shoes I smile trying not to give it away , then the door closes. Its time!

I back slowly up the hallway to the stairs and when I feel the banister press against my back I know im in the right place. I look up and I see his face, that handsome, delicious face. You know one of those faces were its hard to not grin at because you have so many naughty thoughts flying around your head. He starts walking slowly towards me, and my heart starts beating so fast , if it could fly it would be out the door. My heart could explode as his face touches mine.

He wraps his arm around my waist and squeezes me deep and tight, I can feel it . His hearts beating fast too , he leaned in and said ‘Have you been waiting for me?’ . He moved his hand to my lower back and picked me up , walking me up the stairs…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 2 will come next week Tuesday

Who is the guy? Who is the girl? What’s about to happen and is it what you really think ?

Welcome to a very Roar World

Welcome kinky lovers to Roar Im A Tiger.

Throughout this year we will be adding a range of erotic stories and tales to keep you highly stimulated whenever you need.

It will all be accompanied by a range of naughty erotic goodies that can be purchased directly through our website  treasuretrovebykm.com

So sit back and let your imagination run wild for Roar Im A Tiger is here to tickle your fantasies.