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Due to a huge increase in traffic the website has unfortunately crashed , there is a team working on it. I hope to have it up and running again as soon as possible.

In the mean time, over the course of the evening there will be 3 different stories rolled out to keep you entertained.

Keep your eyes peeled


What’s new for February 2016

Well ladies we have finally got a selection of Roar Shoes to compliment all of your Roar Lingerie. Delivering you with Pleaser USA Shoes the highest quality on the market.


Valentines Day February 14th 2016

Are you ready for Valetines day ? Do you intend on dressing up ? If so look no further than the Roar Im A Tiger collection available at And as a Valentines Gift to you from us we have Free Valentines Shipping to UK Only.


Roar Im A Tiger Secret Sales 

What is Roar Im A Tiger Secret Sales ?

The secret sales page is on Facebook the link is accessible through It is a fun place to be with lingerie sales at amazing prices and raffles and give-aways. The aim of the group is to empower women and boost confidence. Commencing From February I will be releasing videos speaking about different Issues that we face as women and how to best combat them. With a group of real women with real things to say , we don’t encourage bitchy behaviour which is what makes the group so special. We look forward to seeing many of you join. There will be a closing date for the group , which means it will return back to it’s secret setting. We look forward to seeing you join have a fab time on your Roar Journey.


Soap Heaven

Indulge in our newest addition to the ttkm family, Soap and bath bomb heaven. Made from the highest quality products with our olive oil based range imported straight from Spain. Whilst the rest is made here in the UK SLS and Paraben free to protect your skin and enhance your natural beauty. Amazing on all skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis. Why not give it a try with soaps as little as £2. Shop Soap and Bath Bomb Heaven.


Until Next time Happy Reading

Keep your eyes peeled for the March Newsletter !!






Curvy Tigers this is for you, we are trying to locate sexy items for you ladies. There will be plenty more on the site at the end of Jan.


Roar Toys 

We are bringing you a range of exciting new toys and we simply can’t wait to share them with you all. So here’s a sneaky preview of what we have coming up. Have you used a Toy before ? If you have or you haven’t we would love to know what you think.


A wide range of roar accessories and outfits coming soon. 

With a wide range of accessories to accompany the toys , pleasure time will be like no other. Is sex really such a bad thing ? Why can’t you and your partner explore each other’s limits.

We will be exploring some of these in a range of short stories which you can find in the sidebar on the main page.




Check out the website for more goodies , simply click the Roar Im A Tiger Section In The Menu. Treasuretrovebykm – Roar Im A Tiger

Welcome to a very Roar World

Welcome kinky lovers to Roar Im A Tiger.

Throughout this year we will be adding a range of erotic stories and tales to keep you highly stimulated whenever you need.

It will all be accompanied by a range of naughty erotic goodies that can be purchased directly through our website

So sit back and let your imagination run wild for Roar Im A Tiger is here to tickle your fantasies.