7 days of Christmas Kink -Sasha’s Story

So tonight me and my husband decided to step things up a notch, for him this wasn’t a major deal. For me, my soul was on fire , I was trying to contain my urges.

When you get a text at work that says ” Will you be my sexy santa ?” So messing around as I do I text back “LOL”. I was already online looking at sexy santa costumes. Sometimes we hardly spend anytime together. It can become boring , this year was different. Well at least this Christmas season was.

I couldn’t help but wonder what had his mind ticking over , that he wanted to be my Bad Santa. Anyway later on that night , I stepped out the bathroom. He had on some red silky boxers with oil glistening all over him. My soul was already over there on the bed getting ready to take charge of that sexy body. Okay , contain yourself girl!

He came over to me and told me to lay down on my front. ( I am bloody ecstatic on the inside.) He slid my satin red robe off , and slowly unzipped the back of my sexy Santa dress as he did so he kissed me slowly down my back. The electrical sensations that were pulsing through my body was so intense. I’d been waiting for his touch for so long, that kiss , those lips , I need them all over me.

Unzipped my back is bare , I’m waiting eagerly for another sensation. Instead he tells me to trust him. As he places a red blindfold over my eyes. (Clearly I wasn’t the only one shopping!) My whole body tingles , as I know things are about to become very heated. My arms are next , he ties them up and he whispers “I’m going to make you remember why I am the ALPHA and You are the SUB”. I say nothing but beam with excitement. My ALPHA is back and he really means it.

I feel his breath on my neck, he positions his arm around my waist and pulls , making me turn around. He pushes my body close against his , before he pulls my hair back. And runs his tongue into my mouth, making me groan so loud. His hands start running down my back squeezing my bum and and pulling me into his groin. The pleasure I am feeling and he has hardly begun.I am weak for him.

He moves his lips to my neck , and runs his fingers slowly down to my pussy. Teasing me with the tips of his fingers. Feeling me become wetter by the touch. I lay back down on the bed and I can feel him push against me. Without going inside , he makes my body react in such ways I can hardly describe. He slowly begins to run his tongue down my chest to taste my breasts in his mouth, before ravaging me like a beast. My legs were curled around his waist , the only part of me that could touch him. The intensity was utterly incredible, but so painful. I wanted him , his whole body. I wanted to feel entire his being. He knows my body so well , that he knows when enough is enough. He turns me over , ooooo I know what’s next. I’m really hoping for the latex paddle. The paddle of all paddles , the sensation is amazing , its all apart of the build up.

I know his almost ready , I can feel the warmth of him as he pushes himself against my bum. I can feel his erection grow harder by the second, I’m soaking , my back is arched so deep it could almost snap. “SPANK ME MASTER !! ” I groan I need more……

Well until tomorrow , tune back in and see what else is in store for Sasha tomorrow. I wonder what her Alpha will reveal.


Copyright of Roar Im A Tiger – Must not be duplicated in anyway.




Happy Christmas And New Year

Well , its been a while since we have posted. EEk what happened to all the stories , the heat , the fire and the romance.

Well i’m glad to say that its back. As there are just a short 7 days left until Christmas i’m going to ignite the heat back into your souls. And inspire you to go into the new year with a bang. ūüôā

In 2017 i will be releasing the date for the first ever adults only ROAR IM  A TIGER PARTY. I will be releasing the mailing list in January. With the ticket release in march it will be a night to remember.

Following on from there we will be hosting a range of parties for smaller numbers, these parties are not faint hearted.

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and New Year!

Now for the 7 days of Christmas – Sextacular ūüôā

Keep your eyes peeled.

Introducing Eden Part 2

So now you know I enjoy working my way up, teasing you, tempting you, taking you to that point where you overload and eventually explode. I love it when you nipples are firm, aching and screaming to be squeezed and bitten. I love it when you become wild and frantic, when you moan and groan uncontrollably with pleasure and arouse the neighbours. The sight of you gyrating, scramming  and begging for more, the feel of you scratching my back and pulling on my hair. The aroma that envelops the room as I skilfully take to the cusp of ecstasy.
At that point I to am swollen red and ready but there is always much more to our encounters and always another twist for even more heart thumping pleasure.
I interrupt my¬†¬†journey up the back of your inner thigh and lead you to the bed, you clutching me helplessly as if unable to keep standing. I held you close and laid you face first onto the bed and whispered, ‚ÄúDo you trust me?‚ÄĚ You responded with a stammer ‚ÄúYe..ah‚ÄĚ.

I then gently move my hands over¬†¬†your back and circling¬†¬†your already propped up bum chicks. Slowly moving my left hand between your legs, you instinctively spread them exposing your juicy plump, overflowing pussy. The sight of it exponentially increased my heart rate but I calmly back off the bed and out of the room leaving you momentarily¬†¬†lying there perhaps wondering, What the ….?
I  quickly run down stairs to the front door got my surprise and quietly re-entered the room. Must say you are very obedient. You laid there patiently in anticipation with moving or covering up. She to was stunned by you beautiful slender body. How every curve seem to will her onto the bed beside you with no hesitation scooped right in without any prompt or instructions from me. For a moment I was a mere spectator I what began as a feast of a pride of lioness.
She was tall, with a Brazilian tan, legs, hips and lips to die for. Here she was devouring your wet moistened pussy right in front of me, with absolutely no regard to what I was doing or thinking. On initially when her lips made contact with your engorged pussy I notice your surprise, a tense moment,  you knew it was not me,  you were tempted  to turn around. However, the pleasure and excitement this new addition intrigued you so much that you, loosen up and canning indulged. I stood back and Simply capture every stimulating and scintillating  second of this début moment. I was in awe of how quickly she expertly charmed you and ease you into a violently orgasm. I was green with envy but pleased that you so thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your surprise encounter.

Introducing Eden

On a cold wet and grey London morning, after my usual early morning commute into the the city. I stopped to pause for a minute and gather my thoughts for a moment. To face what would pan out to be a most challenging day.
I ushered myself into the nearest cafe I could find. It was interestingly furnished with potted plants and antique wooden table and chairs. It was sparsely lit, warm and cosy but most importantly they served hot drinks.

I made my way to the counter ordered my favourite caramel latte, and with the mornings paper in my other hand found a comfortable area to warm up and steady myself.

I sat down enjoying my drink, in the comfort of the gossip columns. For some unknown reason I found myself distracted  and my attention shifted from the pages in front of me to the cue forming at the counted across the room.

It was there, I laid eyes on her. Her eccentric demeanour, her poise, her elegance, through the delicate lighting in the cafe I was transfixed by her appearance. She was dressed in a comfortable red business suit with 6″ heels, her hair glamorously styled and glided rather unperturbed by the harsh and unforgiving¬†¬†London weather. I could not take my eyes off her, ¬†I followed her through her order and as she gracefully waltzed through the¬†¬†tightly set cafe furnishings, her path brought her within touching distance. The dim light of the cafe caught her amazing hazel brown eyes and for a flighting moment we bonded.

She sat two tables from me and my admiration for her only grew. She was a stunning beauty with  exquisite facial features and a cappuccino brown completion. She had  oriental shaped eyes, with a perfectly sculptured body  propped up by a pair of long  slender model legs. A heavenly sight for sore gloomy eyes.

My desire to just say something got the better of me and I mustered all of my courage and charm, got out of my cosy warm chair, walked over to her table¬†¬†and said “Hi I’m Eden”.

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger * Written By Eden 

Look out for the next part of Eden’s story coming very soon ūüôā

Secrets Of The Night Part 5

I had a long day at work , I could do with some stress relief. I pop open a bottle of wine and dive into the couch for a night of soppy, typical soaps and with any luck I’ll fall asleep. I haven’t heard from Mike in about a week now he must really be trying to work this out. I’ve been speaking to Leela so much on the phone my ears are literally bleeding. She told me everything she thinks is going on and I have to say a lot of it is in her head she got about 20% right. Sometimes I don’t even know what to say to her , except to do whatever her heart follows. My sister is quite a plain Jane type and needs showing everything, I mean she is really shy which can’t be helped but she isn’t open minded enough for Mike. I was starting to understand, maybe that was the point of our continuous talking. For me to see his point of view , which now I clearly did.

As the night dragged and my wine bottle became less full , I sloped to my bedroom. The box was the first thing I thought of, I took it off the shelf in my wardrobe and placed it on my bed. I rarely go inside of it without Mike , but today I wanted to relive some memories. First was my leather paddle, the paddle that made my knees weak and my butt cheeks tingle, then came my silk blindfold which he always placed so gently and securely over my eyes. I took out my tickler which was hot red of course , he used this while he kissed my legs and slowly ran his tongue on the inside of my thighs. Just thinking about it gives me the tingles.

My door knocks, I look out. It wasn’t Mike, it was my neighbour with a large package. She said Mike had left it for her to give to me and that he said everything will be okay. Absolutely confused , I head back to my room with this package I place it on my bed. I stare at it and wonder about the crazy possibilities this 1 package could hold. After much pondering , I slit the package open carefully with my scissors I keep in my bedside cabinet. You never know when you may have to cut yourself out of a tight restraint (LMAO). My eyes lit up when I saw what was in the package, a swing he got me a swing. I had always wanted one , he would have full and total control of me. He can tease me and please me and I can’t do anything except take it. I guess this means that he will be back , just under what terms would it be on. Its gone past 1 now there’s still no knock on the door. I think its bed time for me and the sweetest dreams to accompany me.

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger РShop Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 6 -Coming Next Week Tuesday

The day after that night (Part 4 )

My mind was reeling , I curled up in bed with my pillows around me my soft plush cushions and my eyes were just staring at the box. It had been all my idea to start these kinky nights , could I really back out now? I could see there was a wild side to him the first time I met him little did I know how deep it went. Then there was Leela to consider, how would she feel knowing the man she thinks she loves , is a complete sex freak and is pursuing her younger sister so that we can explore each others sexual boundaries. Well that’s quite something to get your head round even for a normal person let alone your sister. I couldn’t help the way he made me feel , like electric was surging through every point of my body he kept me on my toes so much my heart was in the sky and my stomach just floating with butterflies constantly. It’s not love that I feel but a deep dark lust that my body yearns for.

My phones buzzes Its a text from Mike asking where I am and what I’m doing ? We need to talk it says. So now if I thought my mind was reeling before it definitely is now , what could you want to talk about ? That sounds very formal. I rapidly reply to the message and go about pulling myself together into some day time attire. After about an hour I hear a knock on the door , here he is and he doesn’t look happy.

We had a fight , is the first thing that comes out of his mouth. I’m speechless as he usually has it all under control , it must of been something bad because his whole demeanour was different scary even. We went to the lounge and I poured him a whiskey , he was very quiet even when I handed him the drink. We sat in silence for moments until he began to unravel the events of what took place. Leela knows that im seeing someone, she doesn’t know that its you but it’s going to be hard to meet up. ¬†I need you to visit her more talk to her so that she doesn’t ever find out. I am thinking about walking away , I can’t give you up , what we have is too incredible. You understand a side of me that I was scared to share with you that I craved day and night. (My mind is running about 150mph , so fine I like this guy , yes its a very fucked up situation. On the other hand hang on a second his gone and bloody caught those damn feelings WTF?) Listen Mike , our situation is how it is because we chose it to be this way, what we are doing is wrong on many levels. Regardless of whether you leave Leela, she is my sister I can’t date you on a serious level because we crossed so many boundaries.

Rihanne listen to me , I can’t walk away from you that’s like leaving a room filled with your every wish and leaving it all behind for nothing. This can’t all be for nothing we have something special and I messed up by putting you in this situation, there’s so much more for us to explore together (His walking towards me, damn those butterflies). He touches my cheek and leans in for a kiss , which I embrace so deeply feeling our souls connect as deeply as our lips. I pull away and tell him to go , it’s time to think about what your next move is and what choices you have and what direction your going in. When you have those answers Ill be waiting. Don’t keep me waiting forever though , time waits for no man.

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 5 – Coming Later Tonight Keep Your Eyes Peeled

What’s new for February 2016

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Until Next time Happy Reading

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Secrets of the night part 3 …

I enter the bathroom look myself dead in the eye and grin so hard when I see his glistening chest reflecting in the mirror. I arched my back so my bum looked sexy and peachy perfect for a good spanking , im staring into the sink I bite my lip as I feel his manhood push up against me. The groan I let out is so high glass could have shattered, the way he felt the way he ran his hands all over me , teased my clit with his fingers. Ecstasy was the only feeling coursing through my veins. With every thrust he went deeper and deeper feeling me , appreciating me and all my wet warmth. I peered into the mirror and his face was that of dead concentration, turning me on even more. He started spanking me and going faster with it, he even pulls my hair just a little. (Fucking love that be rough a bit, but sexy rough not that you wanna have a fight kinda rough, Make it hot!!)

I can tell his trying to contain his self so he stops , turning me around and pulling me on top of the sink. He wastes no time spreading my legs , running his hands over my tits and caressing my nipples, just how I like it!! Fuck !!! He feels so good, my nails dig deep and pull hard and that’s when I feel him get ready to go hard and release. He squeezes my bum hard pulling me into him as far as he could and we both groan at the same time. I grin very hard and climb straight into the shower. He just stands there watching me, almost as if he wanted to see inside of my soul.

I head back into the bedroom and throw something on, my phone starts flashing. It’s Leela my sister , when he comes back into the room he asks who is calling me. I said Leela, he tells me to switch it off for the night, so there are no interruptions as his phone is already off.

When a woman’s mind starts wondering it can be a dangerous thing especially to herself, now im sat here thinking is it fair to inflict that on someone else. The great sex , the fun times is it all really worth it for him ? ¬†Mike is he really worth it…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 4 – So there’s much more to find out about the magical mike, will rihanne , leela and mike still be talking to each other next week??? Will Rihanne and Mike still meet up for special box sessions ?

Find out next week Tuesday



Secrets Of The Night Part 2

When we reached the top of the stairs my heart was in my stomach and my stomach in my throat. The adrenalin that was coursing through my veins was unreal, I ran my fingers down his neck onto that sexy chest. My body started tingling all over, I wanted him was all I ¬†could think. My finger’s kept on travelling until I reached that belt buckle , which I undone with no hesitations. I could feel him harden as I slid my hand inside of his boxers, at the same moment he gripped the back of my neck while I grabbed his dick and stroked it harder making him roar. “Stay there ” he demanded. I sat wide eyed with a beaming grin on my face, he was going to the special box. My special box of goodies I hide in my wardrobe in case of late night emergency’s.(Only For Use With Him) I couldn’t wait to see what he would take out of there.

He throws these on the bed and tells me to strap myself down!! I do believe it’s Playtime.


I’m as quick as I possibly can be and he helps me strap my last arm in, by this point he has no clothes on and his body is glistening in the moon light seeping through my curtain. If a river could run we would be waist deep by now. I look something like this now.¬†n9856-fsog_completely_his_bed_spreader-4

Im completely at his will, he goes to the bottom of the bed and starts kissing in between my thighs gently working his way up closer and closer to my already distressed clit . He works his tongue over it in so many directions my toes could curl back through the bed. His fingers working their way up to my tits as he continues to caress the clitty clat, then he gains this sensational rhythm that makes me wanna scream so loud and cum so hard. He stops abruptly (like wtf who does that? ). He gets up and comes to the top of the bed were he is stroking a mighty hard piece of wood. No words spoken just the push of the tip into my mouth and his roaring again (which obviously makes me very happy). I have no power no control im stuck like this, until he climbs on top and invades the clitty all over again and I handle that wood with all the mouth I can. He spreads my legs open wider all the better to taste me with , I think anyway.

So he stops playing and tells me there was something else he took out of the box. The blindfold , my favourite object in the box. It means a night of adventure and adrenalin which let’s face it we all need sometimes. He unstraps me from the bed and blindfolds me. ¬†His hands on my shoulders slowly weigh me down, so I slide to the floor and kneel. The rule is once the blindfold is on the body becomes ready for the adventure. So my mouth opened and the licking commenced I ¬†ran my hands up and down his legs as I let my tongue do all the work , his fingers pushing into my hair pulling me deeper into him , my hearts racing. I let out some purrs while he roared fiercely letting himself go coming down to his knee’s to face me taking off my blindfold. I wipe my mouth and he kisses me with full force grabbing my ass, he pulls me up so fast I can hardly catch my breath. Kissing me all over, to the bathroom we go……

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 3 – How they met and what they did.

It’s all becoming clear that these 2 are a kinky bunch but is it really as it seems.

Find out next week Tuesday