Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 2 The House Event

“This handsome , sexy guy wanted my full attention, as we entered into the smoking area he took his lighter out  and lit two cigarettes, he handed me mine and as he did. He said your name is now Buffy , my Buffy.”

As I took my first puff I inhaled all the way into the depths of my soul, my gaze was entirely on him taking him in. My mind was almost blank , but my soul was lit on ablaze with things it wanted to do to him. Right there at that very second.I wanted him to take me , yes there was a room full of people but isn’t that apart of the fun ? Okay Sash , whoops its Buffy now ha ha. Contain yourself girl , he is just one man if he see’s how weak you are for him now. There will be no going back , I’ll be his sooner than I could anticipate. Time to play it cool.

He was 5’9 with a seductive grin , he had a silver tooth in the corner of his mouth which just glimmered in the night light. He wore a crisp blue shirt with jeans that fitted just right and a fresh pair of Louboutins. He knew how to dress , he had an intoxicating aftershave on that made me want to lean into his arms and never let go. Damn him ! I watched him smoke that cigarette, for what felt like forever. His deep silky voice said “Buffy , there’s something about you that I can’t put my finger on, I feel that my soul has a great desire for you”.”I want to know you, every single sinful piece of you”. He grabbed my waist so tight and pressed his lips against mine, making me lose my breath.His lips were so intense I could actually feel how wet I was. As he pushed his tongue inside of my mouth, he grabbed my bum and pushed me into him, I could feel his dick. It was hard as wood , and every single inch of it I wanted inside of me.

We were getting way to carried away, I pulled away with a filthy grin. I told him,to have fun with me he would have to try harder. He took me by the waist and lead me back through the crowd. We found a corner that wasn’t overly crowded and danced in our own little bubble of passion. As we did he whispered in my ear, to see if I wanted to play a game with him. It was a game of teasing and the quest was to see how many people spoke to us both throughout the night. The loser has to give the winner mind-blowing oral at a later date of the winners choosing. Intriguing I thought, don’t get me wrong it was very intriguing. But boy was I territorial , Im the type to ignore you because you made me jealous. But now Oliver Steele wanted me to indulge in a game that could only bring about…. There it was it could only bring about a hot steamy night of passion that I deeply craved.

I agreed to play, as we parted ways for the evening he told me to keep playing until the night was over. He offered to take me and the girls home after, which made me grin. He wasn’t just a sexy beast, he had a heart too. I managed to speak to around 12 guys whilst he only got 6 females,I guess women are just better at this I said when we later met outside. The girls were cold and tired so we go into his plush Audi Q7 and sped off into the night. We didn’t stop talking the whole journey, we even played a little whilst he was driving, his hand sliding up and down my thighs, whilst I brushed his dick over with my fingertips.The chemistry was like nothing I had ever experienced.

I was back home, it was time to wake the girls up and get them inside. Oliver and I exchanged numbers , he kissed me once more and got out to open my door. His last words for the evening were , look out for the surprise coming your way. Tomorrow is the first day of a thrilling encounter Buffy , will you take a chance with me ?

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Secrets of the night PART 1

As the clock struck 12 , my eyes were burning I was tired but not quite ready to sleep. I closed my eyes for a while and let myself drift away. I found myself being woken to a knock on the door. My heart was beating, my vision blurry. WTF is the time , why would someone be at my door at this ridiculous hour. So I get up barely pulling on a gown to cover myself ,  I glance through the peep hole and it was him.

The palpitations in my chest were growing stronger I could have passed out, I wanted to be sick a little but my stomach was having the craziest butterflies my legs were twinging. Then the brain kicked in, get the door woman. So I unlocked the door and just kinda stood there with my head down gown open, glints of bare flesh showing.

There’s no noise,  no hello , no nothing just silence. I can see his shoes I smile trying not to give it away , then the door closes. Its time!

I back slowly up the hallway to the stairs and when I feel the banister press against my back I know im in the right place. I look up and I see his face, that handsome, delicious face. You know one of those faces were its hard to not grin at because you have so many naughty thoughts flying around your head. He starts walking slowly towards me, and my heart starts beating so fast , if it could fly it would be out the door. My heart could explode as his face touches mine.

He wraps his arm around my waist and squeezes me deep and tight, I can feel it . His hearts beating fast too , he leaned in and said ‘Have you been waiting for me?’ . He moved his hand to my lower back and picked me up , walking me up the stairs…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

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Who is the guy? Who is the girl? What’s about to happen and is it what you really think ?

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